Work at Beta-i

It’s all about fit, when applying for a new job.
And at Beta-i, the fit is to show the distinctive you. In fact, distinctify is one of our values.

Here’s closer look on what Beta-i is about, so that our applicants know what they can expect:

The focus is collaborative innovation.

We are an innovation consultancy, and you’re expected to work with different people, in different projects;

The scope of the projects is international.

Besides, we reach out to startups from all over the world and work with clients from several countries;

English is the official language, in a diverse team.

We’ve been having several nationalities building our team throughout the years, and would like to keep it that way.

The working environment is light and safe.

We’re proud to keep improving a safe space for the team to work in, so newcomers should bring the same mindset.

The work system is Hybrid.

For now, we’re on a hybrid work system. You are able to work remotely but also to come to the office, where we share a workspace and desks.

The schedule is flexible.

You’re expected to join all team meetings but also to autonomously manage your remaining schedule and work deliveries.

Would you like to join the team?
Let us know.

  • Pet friendly office: pets are fun and playful, and foster a happier workplace.

  • Health comes first: health insurance and fresh fruit at the office. One apple a day...

  • Bonus vacation days: quality time outside the office is vital. We believe it makes us better workers.

  • Team events: breakfast on Mondays, monthly All-hands meetings and bi-annual retreats, always in a secret location.

  • Getting together: networking and fun, not necessarily in that order, once a week.

  • Flexible working: as in any good trusting relationship, our team has a lot of autonomy to manage their time.