Work at Beta-i

We are a group of resilient innovators. Experts, managers, marketers. In-person & digital. Constantly reinventing ourselves.

We believe people are at the core of innovation. They are the true catalyzers of change, so our team works every day to make sure people, organizations, and ecosystems are well equipped to thrive in this world of digital transformation, by making them more innovative and collaborative.

It takes a team to build something, and we are a team of strong innovators that embrace change and make things happen. We are all different, and it’s the sum of our experiences that makes us who we are. In fact, these are our superpowers:

| We’re humans at the heart of what we do.

| Own the shift you want to see.

| Energize yourself through constant feedback.

| Empathy makes us Beta-we.

| Show the distinctive you.

We believe we can always be better, so we are always looking for great people to join us on this journey.

We share workspace and desks, the same way we share knowledge and ideas. We truly believe knowledge is contagious so we empower everyone in the team to take action and create their roadmap. We stimulate growth, responsibility, and execution, by giving as many opportunities as possible to collaborate in the innovation process.

It’s all about collaborative innovation.

Would you like to be a part of it?

  • Pet friendly office: pets are fun and playful, and foster a happier workplace.

  • Health comes first: health insurance and fresh fruit at the office. One apple a day...

  • Bonus vacation days: quality time outside the office is vital. We believe it makes us better workers.

  • Team events: breakfast on Mondays, monthly All-hands meetings and bi-annual retreats, always in a secret location.

  • Getting together: networking and fun, not necessarily in that order, once a week.

  • Remote Work: we are flexible about the workplace. As a digital company, remote work is also part of us.